The "Bay House" was built in 1963 and "Souvenir" Cottage was built in 1928

My wife, Vickie, and I want to share our family's "Bay House" (Photo upper left) in the tradition of sharing "Souvenir" Cottage as my family has done over the past nine decades. We hope you will love our Pleasant Bay Home as much as we do. 

Built in 1928, our traditional Craftsman style Cape Cod cottage (image below left), "Souvenir" on  Pleasant   Bay , reminds us of much simpler times and has served as a summer getaway for my family and other families for over 80 years.  

The cottage was built by my Great-Grandparents, Carroll and Emmy Nickerson, who lived just a quarter of a mile up the road on 15 acres of land located directly on  Pleasant Bay .  Their home is now the main office of the renowned Wequassett Inn. My mother, Irene, used to reminisce about dancing on the cottage's floorboards as a child while it was being built.  At one time, the only vehicles on the dirt road in front of the property were horse-drawn carriages and the occasional Model T.  In those days, the property across the Bay, now known as Eastward Ho Country Club, was an undeveloped long stretch of land.  Although the traffic and trees have increased over the years, the glorious views remain unchanged but always different. 

My Grandmother and Grandfather, Madge and Leslie Strong, made the cottage their summer vacation spot for over 30 years until the late 1950s.  They developed such a fondness for the property that they ultimately built their permanent residence on the lot next door,  "The Bay House", and remained there for the rest of their lives. My mother moved into the house and enjoyed "her bay" for 32 years until she passed in March of 2012. We have been renting The Bay House since 2014. 

Thank you so much for your interest. We hope you will make your Cape Cod Memories with us!

Happy vacationing,
Bruce and Vickie